About Alucon

Alucon Bulk Systems GmbH Alucon Bulk Systems GmbH designs and produces for more than 40 years semi-bulk containers and equipment for the chemical, food and pharmaceutical industry.

Due to the high quality combined with a low price, Alucon is leading in this field in the world. All containers can be supplied in a high quality aluminium-silicium alloy or in stainless steel.

For the processing of dry materials Alucon has a large choice in equipment for dosing, blending, filling and discharging: the essential components for the processing industry.

Alucon Bulk Systems GmbH owns all licenses, rights, patents and trademarks relating to TOTE®, TOTEBIN®, TOTESYSTEM® and EUROBIN®. Only containers, parts and equipment with these brandnames are guaranteed by Alucon to have good quality